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This special RootsPoland service option "GL - GENERAL LOCATIONS" fee is 330 PLN only! - for one member of the family/town/parish! ; our duty and hope is finally to fill in all points 1-10 - we are ready to start this analysis with Polish surname only; after confirming points 1 & 5 RootsPoland could deliver the special - "RootsPoland POLISH ROOTS CERTIFICATE"! Thank you!


"10 RootsPoland Family Roots Basic Info (1-10)!" - an example:







Grandfather Jan Rynkiewicz and Family Rynkiewicz from Poland

1. Family - surname etymology confirmation and certification, with original spelling; after RootsPoland.com genealogists' special analysis:






Family Name History

RootsPoland Research Center



The Polish surname Rynkiewicz is toponymic in origin, derived directly from Polish language and word "rynek", meaning a "market place", the surname originated from Polish surname Rynka, this surname Rynkiewicz is very old from Poland, noted in Poland from the year 1565!

Polish surname versions: Renkiewicz, Ryn~kiewicz, Rynkowicz (1561), Rinkiewicz, etc.



Source: Best Polish etymologist Prof. K. Rymut's work "Nazwiska Polakow, Slownik Historyczno-Etymologiczny", "The Surnames of Poles, the Historical-Etymological Directory", Krakow, 1999-2001, t. II, page 378; other Polish etymological works , finally from Prof. K. Rymut work here is surname location records/confirmation from present Poland, for eg. from herby.com.pl:





Ogolna liczba-Totally

Rozmieszczenie-Location/main Polish town/province:



Wa:211, BP:6, Bs:234, BB:20, By:43, Ci:4, Cz:30, El:167, Gd:255, Go:111, JG:113, Kl:24, Ka:111, Ki:46, Kn:24, Ko:239, Kr:29, Lg:38, Ls:21, Lu:27, Ło:25, Łd:170, NS:10, Ol:262, Op:43, Os:13, Pl:34, Pt:5, Pł:16, Po:22, Ra:83, Rz:17, Sd:8, Sr:85, Sk:37, Sł:55, Su:192, Sz:302, Tb:2, To:20, Wb:94, Wł:8, Wr:120, Za:6, ZG:160

= There were 3,542 adults in 1990 Poland with the surname RYNKIEWICZ, and from all parts of the country.






Additional family info/names given with querry:

Grandfather Jan Rynkiewicz's parents in Poland: Andrzej Rynkiewicz and Maria Rynkiewicz nee family Chmielewski. Brother emigrated to the U.S. in 1899: Antoni Rynkiewicz b. abt Jul 13, 1883 // Oct 15, 1881, in Poland. Travelled with: Antoni Chmielewski from Poland and Marcin Bielski from Poland. Giving his last place of residence as: Kirsick, Russia, from other documents in the US his place of origin is given as: Zebre, Gebri, Russia. Step-brother Boleslaw/.... Merchelski, emigrated to the U.S. in 1907, his last residence: Gebri, Russia ; Lomza, Szczuczyn, Russia. Other family surnames from Poland: Zarzecki (Tekla Zarzecki) from Wilczewo, Russia.



RootsPoland additional search service option: Full informational and etymological analysis.



2. Birth Date/Year:

abt November 9, 1887 / 1884?



3. Birth Place - after RootsPoland analysis:

Mscichy, Poland (fully spelled in Polish: Ms~ichy, s with Polish grammar diacritical mark, as accent above the letter)


Zebry, Poland (fully spelled in Polish: Z~ebry, z with Polish grammar diacritical mark, as dott above the letter)



4. Religion/Creed - please confirm:

Roman Catholic


5. Origin/Ancestral home location in POLAND:


Grandfather Jan Rynkiewicz and his family's ancestral home villages Msichy and Zebry are locating in NE Poland, amongst beatiful deep woods and rivers, as farming lands and towns, in the Polish province named PODLASIE, this area in the 19th-century belonged to Russia, after the political partitioning in Europe in the years 1772-1918. This village Mscichy belongs now in 2007 Poland to the gmina (Polish administrative community) Radzilow, and this village Zebry belongs to the gmina (Polish administrative community) Wasosz.


# With very detailed map of Poland, with zoom in (Przybliz) and out (Oddal), please see both places, and go on map with the computer mouse: this village MSCICHY is located in the NE direction of this RADZILOW in abt 5 km, this village ZEBRY is located in the NW direction of this RADZILOW, on the local road to WASOSZ (in abt 13 km), and to local town SZCZUCZYN (more abt 5 km): 


RootsPoland additional search service option: Full Analysis.


6. Origin/Ancestral family church/parish/parish books location - most important information in all further genealogical/family researchings!:

# in 19th-century: Radzilow
# in 20th-century: Radzilow



# in 19th-century: Wasosz
# in 20th-century: Wasosz


7. Family History/Ancestral Home/Heritage, short, basic historical info//some website links:

Ancestral Home:


Grandfather Jan Rynkiewicz and his family's ancestral home (just before his emigration to America) seems was the place named MSCICHY and/or ZEBRY, with rich historical and religious roots and heritage, from the historical sources from abt 1827/1880, the time of the living the family there in the 19th-century, we have following historical description of the family origin:



village and manor farm, on the river Klimaszewnica/Biebrza, pow. (powiat-administrative district) szczucinski (means local town Szczuczyn), gmina (community) and parish Radzilow, located in abt 21 km from Szczuczyn, on the right border of the gubernia (Russian administrative province) grodzienska (means town Grodno), on the verge of the wide mursh valley of the river Biebrza. In 1827 counted 26 homes, and 157 inhabitants...


Source: Slownik Geograficzny Krolestwa Polskiego.... (The Geographical Directory of the Kingdom of Poland), Krakow, Warszawa, 1880-1902, t. VI Mal-Net, page 773.



village and manor farm, on the river Wissa, gmina (community) and parish Wasosz, located on the local road from Radzilow to Wasosz, in 1827 counted 3 homes, and 20 inhabitants...


Source: Slownik Geograficzny Krolestwa Polskiego.... (The Geographical Directory of the Kingdom of Poland), Krakow, Warszawa, 1880-1902, t. XIV Wor-Zyz, page 754, point 9.




Base geographical/historical info about  PODLASIE, family ancestral province of Poland, with the weblink from Wikipedia, giving more additional weblinks:



About this commune/parish RADZILOW with Wikipedia, in English:



and MSCICHY with base information, in Polish:



Geographically, this area of Poland is well-known as the Biebrza National Park:




For the family history book, here are Polish websites, with addresses, and first image of the family ancestral church/parish/traditions:


I. RADZILOW, erected in 1482!:



II. WASOSZ, erected in 1436!:



III. RC religious heritage: Polish holy crosses and road chapels, from this PODLASIE part of Poland:



IV. Finally, it has been found in Polish internet some art images, just from family ancestral land MSCICHY:



RootsPoland additional search service option: Full Analysis.



8. Local contact/address from the present times:

# Gmina Office/Wojt Gminy/Soltys, town/village administrator/office/... Polish websites:










RootsPoland additional search service option: Searching for relatives survived in 2007 Poland!

Full analysis, contact, correspondence in Polish, translations into English.

The biggest experience in Poland!


9. Location of the archival records with FHL/LDS microfilms of the local church books - to research all family certificates/records of all family in the U.S.!:
= weblinks detailed!:

9.1. Parish Radzilow church books, survived, and microfilmed:




9.2. Parish Wasosz church books, survived, and microfilmed:




Remarks - translation of the main type of records/microfilms:

Urodzen = Birth

Malzenstw = Marriages

Zgonow = Deaths


10. Location of the archival records/indexes with Polish State Archives, church books survived:


10.1. Parish RADZILOW:




10.2. Parish WASOSZ:





1. There are not on-line church book records in Poland. Archival researchings need notarial authorization, and archival research costs. 

2. If the exact years are not indexed with the above sources (point 9/10), they might be researched with the local parish/parish books, but with high possibility they did not survive, after the two WW and all the 20th-century, in local parish as well. Local parish archival researching needs Polish genealogist's personal contact/work on-site.

3. The last but not least search chance is contacting the relatives, if they survived in Poland, living on the same area of the country, sometimes after more than 100 years, living on the same place and land. Matter needs additional application/search order, and special analysis that has to be made by RootsPoland with the white pages of Poland.


RootsPoland additional search service option: Full/partial archival research in Poland, including the parish / local state archive / local archidiocesan archive / local civil registration office / etc. personal search on-site, made by most experienced genealogists in Poland.




Final remarks:
# This is important that all above data received by RootsPoland.com client needs relevant confirmation with archival documents/records to be found out in future.

## Some items might be still open if they are not stated/explained by RootsPoland.com client in his firsts messages; they ought to be informed/explained/confirmed by our client and our search before delivering by RootsPoland.com further, final search results!



We are very proud to assist you with your family roots search!

Thank you for choosing the first in Poland info on-line search firm RootsPoland, fully registered and paying official 22% VAT home taxes.




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a/m base info collected from search specialists by:

Piotr Ortynski




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One of the messages following this RootsPoland analysis, and family contact to Poland, the only first message received from Mr. John Rynkiewicz in the U.S.:


To: RootsPoland, Warsaw


Hello from Buffalo, NY!  I have recently received two photographs from a Pani Halina Merchelska who was married to one of my Great half Uncles sons named Bronislaw Merchelski. After Bronislaw died Pani Halina married yet another son of Josef's named Sabin. He too has passed away. But Pani Halina Merchelska is alive and well and residing in Zebry. She told me that my Great Aunt Anna (Renkiewicz) Ciecierska lived with them in Zebry until she died on 10 Oct 1982. I have been corresponding with her via a thrid party in Poland who is able to translate everything for me.


If you are interested, I have a webpage dedicated solely to Renkiewicz/Rynkiewicz where I have posted these two pictures of Anna (Renkiewicz) Ciecierska. They are on the following link:



If you would like to view the photos I have there and others just notify me and I will add your email address and invite you to this webpage.


Thank you for your quick reply and also for changing this statement about my Grand Father Jan Renkiewicz. To date I have still not been able to locate my Grand Fathers manifest. 


God Bless and Thank you for all you have done for me.


Jan Rynkiewicz / Renkiewicz (JJRynk@hotmail.com)


Family descendancy lists after family and archival researchings in Poland


Descendants of Andrzej Merchelski-report.doc

Descendants of Andrzej Renkiewicz-report.doc