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Dear Mme, Dear Sir,


thank you for your post, we are very proud and honoured that you would like to find your family roots from Poland through our firm RootsPoland.com


We would like to confirm your family first data in Polish:




Please be informed they are many ways to search family roots information from Poland, below please find our:



RootsPoland basic 10 steps in our BASIC SEARCH with our firm special SEARCH TOOLS ! =


1. Surname etymology/root:


2. Surname location in Poland based on Polish national census (e.g. 1990 and/or 2002):


3. Surname/person location from Polish phone book white pages all Poland:


4. Surname/person location from Polish phone book white pages every town and/or village:


5. Surname/person location in Polish internet:


6. Surname/person location from e.g. Ellis Island immigration records (the first name and the app. year of the birth/immigration must be given):


7. Following point 6. and/or from other family document - location the place of origin in Poland:


8. Following point 7. - location of the origin parish/church/family home in Poland:


9. Following point 8. - location of the family records from the parish books/archives (microfilms to be researched at LDS and/or Polish State Archives, etc...):


10. Following point 6--9 - location of the family/person/roots in Poland, family correspondence/contacts in Polish language!:




Kindly ask you to applicate your question/query to our website special Application Form:


please choose our "AS - Advanced Search" or other option that you want to order according to our service option terms.


If you have first general question/query please choose our service option "GL - GENERAL LOCATIONS or Deposit" $99 so we will start fulfilment of our wellknown "10 RootsPoland.com Family Roots Basic Info!" giving you first and basing information on names/places/etymology/heritage/archive locations/etc.; time is running and every week could be important to find first family roots traces! - if you have any payment problems with credit-card or bank transfer payment systems we are absolutely ready to start immediately this first search on-line free of charge waiting for the solution of this problem in next months. Please confirm.


We would like to repeat - our general duty is to start as soon as possible the fulfilment of all our main tasks: "10 RootsPoland.com Family Roots Basic Info!": (you can see here some other search service options we are ready to serve, including translation services): the full address/link is: http://www.rootspoland.com/10zas.htm

This our first information/confirmation will be sent immediately and we will start to follow all rest points after every first application/order/payment.


Thank you again for contacting our first in Poland info search service on-line firm!


Welcome to Poland!




Tadeusz Tad & staff


Warsaw, Poland



+ non-profit Polish virtual gallery "Narodowa GA.PA" of preserving and sharing invaluable for ALL family momentos & memories! :


The memories connect people!

# reception in English: http://www.narodowa.pl/narodowa/recepcja_ang.htm

Thank you for your help!




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