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To Seekers of Their Roots:

I wholeheartedly recommend Tadeusz Wysocki of Warsaw, Poland (from www.rootspoland.com) as a most capable person to assist those interested in finding their Polish roots.

Tadeusz ,or Tad, was instrumental in helping me locate my family in Poland whom we had not had contact with for over forty years. Starting with my maternal grandparent’s marriage certificate, Tad was able to provided me an initial name and address near my family’s home village in Poland which resulted in my experiencing a joyous reunion with my family in Poland in August of 2004.

Not only did Tad help find my family, he assisted me in my trip to Poland to meet them - calling them to finalize lodging arrangements for me and my wife and ultimately accompanying us on our visit to serve as guide and translator as my Polish is not that good. His command of the English language is very good and Tad is most enjoyable company! His assistance to me in my quest to find my Polish roots was invaluable.

I believe that Tad’s greatest asset in helping folks find their roots is his sincere interest in helping the families to reunite and his love of genealogy and history.

I can never express my sincere gratitude to Tad for his helping me to reunite with my family in Poland. The best I can do is to tell you all that I would sincerely recommend Tad to anyone involved in their personal search for their own roots.


Stan Polak

16308 Smith St.

Houston TX 77040





For: Tadeusz ( www.rootspoland.com )

Today I was given a gift that there are no words to discribe. Family was found in Poland! With the greatest deed, Tadeusz has made it so. He never gave up, and help this writer achive a happiness that no words could ever describe.

Accross oceans, family is found. It is not just the information to be learned, but the re-uniting of families seperated by ocean, time, and circumstance.

My family still exists thru-out this world. If each of families brings excitement and peace, may in the future the world will be at peace.

For me, the tears continue to flow.....

I am so happy, my family continues to thrive in Poland, my roots, my heritage.

I wan't other's to feel what I am feeling today. Nothing can take away this feeling.

As I said to Tad "We are all inter-related, if not by blood but thru the kindness and acts of others".

God Bless each and everyone of you.

Love, Laughter, and Gods Blessing.


October 22, 2004






From: Karen Anderson

To: Tadeusz ( www.rootspoland.com )

Sent: Tuesday, December 28, 2004 8:27 PM

Subject: Thank you.


Dear Tadeusz,

I would be very pleased to recommend you for genealogy research in Poland. Without your help I would have given up looking for information on my Polish family, but with your phone calls, letters, and translations, I found more then information, I found family in Poland that we did not know anything about.

I will always be grateful to you, as will they. You brang us together as a family, and now, even the miles in between can not keep us apart.


Thank you

Karen Anderson

Geneva, Ohio




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From: Helen Julson USA

To: www.rootspoland.com


To Whom It May Concern:


I became acquainted with Tadeusz Wysocki in 2003. He has always presented himself in a very proper and businesslike fashion.


I was searching for information about my paternal great-grandparents and their siblings. I had very limited information when I started this search. Tadeusz helped me in locating several family villages based on information we found on an Ellis Island manifest. After I came in possession of some family mementos, Tadeusz was able to find an exact location and provided me with names and addresses to contact in Poland, along with an introductory letter written in Polish. I mailed these letters and waited expectantly for answers to my queries.


Imagine my surprise when I received a reply to one of my requests! Tadeusz had suggested that I send one of my letters to the Soltys of the village, and I was very lucky in that he remembered my family’s name, even though they had been gone from the area for many, many years. The Soltys delivered my message to a living relative of my family who remembered the people I was inquiring about, and she replied to me. Thanks to Tadeusz’s hard work and perseverance I now know that our family has an 83 year old cousin still living in the family village Obrebiec!


I would wholeheartedly recommend Tadeusz Wysocki and his firm for any genealogical work in Poland. To me, he is truly a miracle worker!



Helen Julson





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From: www.RootsPoland.com

To: Helen

Cc: Natalie Smalley

Sent: Monday, March 21, 2005 12:56 PM

Subject: Re: Website posting from Natalie Kolodziejczyk





Dear Helen!

Dear Natalie!

So happy to join you!

Greetings to all your families, have a wonderful Polish Easter spirit.




= Polish non-profit virtual gallery of preserving and sharing with all unvaluable family momentos and memories!


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From: Helen

To: narodowa@narodowa.pl

Sent: Sunday, March 20, 2005 11:00 PM

Subject: Website posting from Natalie Kolodziejczyk - http://www.narodowa.pl/narodowa/Polonica/06/eksponat.htm




I have been searching the internet for ages trying to find something about my mother's past in Poland and was amazed to find Natalie's questions on your website as her family is so similar to my mother's. My mother was born in Blaszki in 1923 and was taken to Germany during WWII. She worked on a farm in Bergen which is very near to Celle where Natalie's mother was. My mother met and married an english soldier at the end of the war and I believe she stayed at Osnabruck for a while before she came to England. I would very much like to contact Natalie as between us we may be able to build a picture of what happened. Perhaps everyone from that area was taken to the same area in Germany? Perhaps they actually travelled together.


Can you either let me know her e-mail address or give her mine or tell me how to post a message to her.


Best wishes and many, many thanks for your help.





----- Original Message -----

From: Joanne Goskowicz wunderschwester@msworldnet.com

To: Tadeusz Wysocki DHO

Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2005 12:34 AM

Subject: Re: The Prince amoung Polish Genealogists!


Thank you so much, Tadeusz!!


You are a prince among Genealogists! and I appreciate your help tremendously.


Isn't "Kassubian Switzerland" beautiful? It reminds me of Central Wisconsin (where I live).


A Kaszëbë: Ectom Bogom to you!





----- Original Message -----

From: <huisseling1@zonnet.nl>

To: "Tadeusz Wysocki DHO" contact@rootspoland.com

Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2005 12:15 PM

Subject: Here is the letter for all over the world from Elly, Holland.


Mr. Tadeusz,


I like to thank you again for finding the family roots of our Mother Barbara Bednarzyck from Canada (in Polish - Bednarczyk) at this summer 2005. I was looking for it for more than 3 years. And all it ends up in nothing. Lots of helping companies like The Red Cross only searched if the person himself is looking or if they know the borndates of the person you like to find. So in our searching our Mother Barbara was to sceared of looking. She was afraid to find out that no one lives anymore and that they will perhaps died in Auswitz. And Barbara didn't know the borndates of there family anymore. WITHOUT THE VERY GREATFULL HELP OF MR. TADEUSZ WE CAN NEVER FIND THE FAMILY OF BARBARA BACK!!!!!!


Lucky someone from the site ancestry tipped me to mail Mr. Tadeusz few weeks ago. We did and now we found one sister of Barbara in the Ukraine. Her name is Maria and she also searched with The Red Cross for more than 5 years. All end up in nothing.


A short story about what happened with our Mother Barbara from Poland:

Barbara was living in Bonarowka till World War 2 broke out. Father was in  the underground and had to hide all the time. He came ones back and it was skin and bones. Germans found out and Barbara was forced to go to work on a German farm (an SS family). She was then 17 years old. She received some letters from her dad but after 1944 she heard nothing anymore. She didn't know (until last week) what happened with her brothers and sisters. Unacceptable for me. That those things are happening in the world. People must go to Auswitz and Birkenau to see and feel!! that the World War 2 may NEVER come back.


After World War 2 Barbara worked for the Red Cross in Coburg. Everyday there were the news out of a loudspeaker and ones they warned Barbara that they were looking for her. She was so afraid and at the office they took away her registrations so they couldn't find her. In the camp there was another Polish woman with a daughter from Warschau/Warszawa. The daughter's name was Monica. They went back to Poland and promised to look for the family of Barbara. The Polish woman sent letters to Bonarowka and went to Bonarowka for herself to search for family. She told Barbara there was no registration anymore.When Barbara hears about this she escaped to Canada (Orangeville).She is now 82 years old. Mr. Tadeusz helped us now to find her family back. It.s a miracle!!!


Maria lives in the Ukraine and today a lady who knows her and visit her is going to Toronto and meet Barbara. They are going to share stories and photos and I can't wait to know more about Maria. Hopefully she is in good health and I can't wait until the sisters meet each other.


Mr. Tadeusz, thank you for being so kind all the time, mailing me back so quick all the time after i mailed you. Searching with us. I mean really search and do so much work for us. You are a person right from the heart. I can't explain in words what this means to us. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Whole world have to know how thankfull we are.


I also like to thank : Barbara Bozek, Adriane, Adam, Mother Maria, Magda from Poland. They live in this Bonarowka. I never met such a nice people. They showed us how hospitality of the Polish people are. We will never forget it. Maria cooked for us. We learned a lot about the wonderful Polish meals. Barbara and Magda searched with us to arrange the papers in Bonarowka, meet a lady who is born in Bonarowka. And Adam showed us where Barbara's house was . He walked with him true nature and we see how beautiful it is overthere. All wonderfull people who already know what is REALY important in life. Speaking from their hearts. We, again, found this people by Mr. Tadeusz.




Elly van Huisseling

Heideweg 12

5453 JZ langenboom



Email: huisseling1@zonnet.nl


To Whom It May Concern:


I would like to recommend to you Tadeusz (Tad) Wysocki and his firm RootsPoland.com for genealogy research in Poland. Like most families tring to research their family heritage in Poland, we had little information to go on. It was only after I came into possession of some old family letters and post cards, from a cousin, did we have any luck. I took those letters and post cards that were written in Polish and e-mailed them to Tad. From the letters and post cards he was able to obtain addresses and family names. Fortunately for us, one family member still lived at the same address after 45 years. Tad is an amazing person! Without him we never would have been able to locate our family in Poland. He made several phone calls on our behalf before someone returned his calls. He made all the arrangements for us to meet our family in Piszczac, Poland. He picked us up at the airport in Warsaw and drove us to Piszczac to meet our relatives. At the airport he greeted us with flowers. The giving of flowers is a Polish tradition. He also stocked his van with snacks and drinks for the long drive before meeting family. All the lodging and hotel arrangements were also made by Tad. He thought of everything! Tad accompanied my family, which consisted of five people, every step of the way. He is a delightful travel companion. I was so impressed with Tad's professionalism, his knowledge of history, his fluency in speaking English, love for genealogy and most importantly his passion in bringing families together. Tad was a part of our family while we were discovering the beloved homeland of my grandfather and meeting for the first time our relatives in Poland. Tad was a part of the family then and will always be apart of the Andrzejewski family. My family can not express enough gratitude to Tad for reuniting us with our family in Poland. To re-establish contact between family in America with family in Poland after 45 years is AMAZING. It is very difficult to express the emotions one feels when the past, present, and future all come together.


Rachel Andrzejewski Blake

USA, 2007



File in pdf - Letter_of_ Recommendation.pdf



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