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www.rootspoland.com ABOUT US/TERMS


Welcome to Poland!


RootsPoland - www.rootspoland.com - is the first of its kind service on-line search firm in Poland fully registered - all RootsPoland.com charges are including Polish official 23% VAT tax according to Polish governmental regulations.


Our office is located in the capital of Warsaw in the heart of the country. We represent a group of the best in Poland!, very experienced and well educated searchers, genealogists, historians, ethnographers, different language specialists, experts, family memory tour specialists, etc. from all parts of the country, to give you the best search assistance here in Poland.
For the first and base search and analysis we are taking no money!, we want openly and cordially to help ALL FAMILIES who have problem with locating the family roots and homeland in Poland in finding the base family roots information and location, giving the chance to follow this invaluable in every life search.


# Our firm and office full postal address in Warsaw, Poland:



Biuro Poszukiwania Rodzin i Informacji Genealogicznych w Polsce"

ul. Zeromskiego 4a/13

01-861 Warsaw





Our Warsaw office - base staff:

- Mrs. Hanna Zajaczkowska - search correspondence in Polish - *image*

- Mrs. Beata Germaniuk - secretary - "image*
- Mr. Dominik Wysocki - search correspondence in English
- Mr. Tadeusz "Tad" Wysocki - manager - *image*

- Collaborators from Poland and from South America (Argentina, Brazil); North America (Canada, USA), from Europe and Australia.

# Our firm Polish Official Registration Number is: 18381/E/93.


# Our firm secure bank account data to make all bank transfers/all other payments/donations:


CitiBank Handlowy SA

ul. Senatorska 16; 00-923 Warsaw, Poland

( weblink: Citi Bank Bank Handlowy SA )


Citi Bank Handlowy S.A. w Warszawie / SWIFT: CITIPLPX

Name: DHO - Dom Handlowy Oprogramowania

Account Number: 72 10301654 0000000009053401




We want to repeat the most important information re money - for the first and base search and analysis we are taking no money!, we want with our many-years search experience and knowledge to openly help ALL FAMILIES who have problem with locating the homeland in Poland in finding the base family roots information, giving a chance to follow this so important search in future.

For the deeper search, analysis, search service and work we have not detailed price list, as EVERY CASE is very unique and must be calculated by us, after analysing your query and contacting the best specialists and travel tour firms in Poland, to offer you the best and reasonable price in Poland.

To send your query/payment/donation to us please use this our Application Form: http://www.rootspoland.com/formularz.htm ; or for the first/base query just send us the email to: contact@rootspoland.com

Dear families from all over the world, we are proud of all your families with Polish roots. We are amazed at the pioneer spirit of your ancestors by travelling thousands of miles by ocean to settle in a new country to build a new life for them and their future in a new world.
We will do our utmost to help you with all the information available here. Welcome to open Poland - Witamy w Polsce!


www. RootsPoland.com Privacy/Service terms/Final remarks:

1. www.rootspoland.com cannot be held liable for any misuse of any information by the client. This release is intended also as proof that the www.rootspoland.com client is using the information requested for permissible purposes only.

2. www.rootspoland.com all sources used are deemed reliable and accurate. However, www.rootspoland.com has no control over the integrity of all data and will not assume responsibility for the accuracy or integrity of the records collected and delivered by www.rootspoland.com to client, and can not assure that all information found out will meet fully all client's expectations. www.rootspoland.com can not grant, of course, that all records/families could be found out, but can promise that all available information will be delivered to client which enrich his/her knowledge and family roots/heritage information.

3.1. www.rootspoland.com asks all clients ordering the search service by addresses/letters to note and understand special, additional costs of searching due to strict Polish law protecting personal data: all addresses in Polish phone book white pages are stated without number oh home/flat, all items found out have to be checked with special calls, asking the full address and permission/acceptation to send searching letters (some as registered with higher costs).

3.2. www.rootspoland.com asks all clients ordering the search service with archives/local records office/parish with parish books/etc. to note and understand special, additional costs of researchings: an example could be the donation in cash it would be delivered to relevant church if requested before giving access to parish church books. In that situation www.rootspoland.com is obliged to inform client about that kind of fee and to ask acceptation of surplus payment (asking additional fee/payment through www.rootspoland.com APPLICATION FORM - INDIVIDUAL QUERY/ITEM PAYMENT before finalizing the researches and before sending to client final results/records!).

4. www.rootspoland.com is glad to inform and confirm that ordering searches in Polish archives and/or other records state office together with payment authorization (all main archive fees are included in service quoted by www.rootspoland.com) could substantially lower the client's archival costs if relevant payment (including e.g. pre-paid archival deposits) are not executed from abroad by client by addition bank transfer charges and additional bank/payment fees.

5. www.rootspoland.com would be grateful, if records/family could be found out earlier than expected by client, for any premium paid to www.rootspoland.com by the APPLICATION/ORDER FORM invividual fee line. This amount will allow the www.rootspoland.com firm to develop the activity and research help service to other people asking same help. Thank you.

6.1. www.rootspoland.com hereby state and confirm that any of the client's information are not be given to anyone else. All information www.rootspoland.com keeps as confidential including all queries/searches/data/information completed.

6.2. All data/information completed and delivered to www.rootspoland.com client are for exclusive use and intended for private family search/genealogy www.rootspoland.com client purposes only. Any other purposes need separate agreement to www.rootspoland.com firm.


www.rootspoland.com - REFERENCES / RECOMMENDATIONS - the first ones, thus, a few only:



To Seekers of Their Roots:

I wholeheartedly recommend Tadeusz Wysocki of Warsaw, Poland (from www.rootspoland.com) as a most capable person to assist those interested in finding their Polish roots.

Tadeusz,or Tad, was instrumental in helping me locate my family in Poland whom we had not had contact with for over forty years. Starting with my maternal grandparentís marriage certificate, Tad was able to provided me an initial name and address near my familyís home village in Poland which resulted in my experiencing a joyous reunion with my family in Poland in August of 2004.

Not only did Tad help find my family, he assisted me in my trip to Poland to meet them - calling them to finalize lodging arrangements for me and my wife and ultimately accompanying us on our visit to serve as guide and translator as my Polish is not that good. His command of the English language is very good and Tad is most enjoyable company! His assistance to me in my quest to find my Polish roots was invaluable.

I believe that Tadís greatest asset in helping folks find their roots is his sincere interest in helping the families to reunite and his love of genealogy and history.

I can never express my sincere gratitude to Tad for his helping me to reunite with my family in Poland. The best I can do is to tell you all that I would sincerely recommend Tad to anyone involved in their personal search for their own roots.


Stan Polak

16308 Smith St.

Houston TX 77040





For: Tadeusz ( www.rootspoland.com )

Today I was given a gift that there are no words to discribe. Family was found in Poland! With the greatest deed, Tadeusz has made it so. He never gave up, and help this writer achive a happiness that no words could ever describe.

Accross oceans, family is found. It is not just the information to be learned, but the re-uniting of families seperated by ocean, time, and circumstance.

My family still exists thru-out this world. If each of families brings excitement and peace, may in the future the world will be at peace.

For me, the tears continue to flow.....

I am so happy, my family continues to thrive in Poland, my roots, my heritage.

I wan't other's to feel what I am feeling today. Nothing can take away this feeling.

As I said to Tad "We are all inter-related, if not by blood but thru the kindness and acts of others".

God Bless each and everyone of you.

Love, Laughter, and Gods Blessing.


October 22, 2004






From: Karen Anderson

To: Tadeusz ( www.rootspoland.com )

Sent: Tuesday, December 28, 2004 8:27 PM

Subject: Thank you.


Dear Tadeusz,

I would be very pleased to recommend you for genealogy research in Poland. Without your help I would have given up looking for information on my Polish family, but with your phone calls, letters, and translations, I found more then information, I found family in Poland that we did not know anything about.

I will always be grateful to you, as will they. You brang us together as a family, and now, even the miles in between can not keep us apart.


Thank you

Karen Anderson

Geneva, Ohio




----- Original Message -----

From: Helen Julson USA

To: www.rootspoland.com


To Whom It May Concern:


I became acquainted with Tadeusz Wysocki in 2003. He has always presented himself in a very proper and businesslike fashion.


I was searching for information about my paternal great-grandparents and their siblings. I had very limited information when I started this search. Tadeusz helped me in locating several family villages based on information we found on an Ellis Island manifest. After I came in possession of some family mementos, Tadeusz was able to find an exact location and provided me with names and addresses to contact in Poland, along with an introductory letter written in Polish. I mailed these letters and waited expectantly for answers to my queries.


Imagine my surprise when I received a reply to one of my requests! Tadeusz had suggested that I send one of my letters to the Soltys of the village, and I was very lucky in that he remembered my familyís name, even though they had been gone from the area for many, many years. The Soltys delivered my message to a living relative of my family who remembered the people I was inquiring about, and she replied to me. Thanks to Tadeuszís hard work and perseverance I now know that our family has an 83 year old cousin still living in the family village Obrebiec!


I would wholeheartedly recommend Tadeusz Wysocki and his firm for any genealogical work in Poland. To me, he is truly a miracle worker!



Helen Julson






Genealogy is invaluable in investigating ancestry, where the genetics and traditional genealogy must be combined, the first one basing on DNA molecular analysis, but the second one basing on all origin names, and on very exact geographical places with specific nature, local traditions, and the history of local diseases - all giving the roots also for future science, together with family medicine.

The records of your family past could hold information on the health condition passed on from generation to generation. Some of those conditions develop only with age and could be prevented with early treatment. Historical records often contain more than the birth and death dates. They may contain some hints to the nature of premature demises. Genealogical investigation dealing with sequence of many generations could spot some disturbing regularities which in turn could be, in many cases, dealt with by the modern preventive medicine. Knowledge about some health symptoms persisting in your family DNA over many generations may prompt you to initiate genetic investigation. Such move could shed light on the identity of a rogue gen and devise a suitable treatment enhancing the chances of a long and healthy life.

Present science developes also the epigenetics, future would go to EGG - Earth Global Genealogy, with search formula including family HCC - Home-Land, Church, and Cemetery.




This website is dedicated to ALL BEST FRIENDS who helped in inspiration and constructing of this website in 1993 aiming to help people in searching their invaluable life values - family roots! Thanks to fantastic friends from USA(Ligonier), Canada(Marathon), Brazil(Paraiba), France(Paris), England(London), Australia(Sydney), and other places.
Thank you!!

Tadeusz "Tad" Wysocki & Friends, firm "RootsPoland", "RootsPoland.com", Warsaw, Poland.



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"Your sentimental family journey to Poland"

by Tadeusz "Tad" Wysocki & friends